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Hourly Contract


I have a running hourly project. The client has gone for a holiday, and wants to give me a review then end the contract until we resume.

I'm afraid, I don't want the lose this client, so I have told him that I don't want the review for now.

The project is running but I'm not recording any hours. Is it okay, or it will hurt my account?

Should I let him give me a review, end the contract then rehire me in January? Please help me.


The client is trying to help you out. He values your work and wants to provide you with a positive review, which can only happen if he closes the contract.


The correct thing to do is thank him and enthusiastically agree.

Hi Preston,

The client already paused the contract so that we can resume in January.


This will be fine.

You missed out on getting some feedback added to your profile page.

But it's not a big deal.