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How can an agency bid for projects

I have created an agency with a couple of freelancers.I can only see options of posting of jobs. I need projects and bid for them. How can I do that?

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Community Manager

Hi there,


It looks like you created a client account, not the agency one. To create an agency account on your existing account, please follow up instructions in this help article. An agency is a business that sells the services of multiple freelancers on Upwork. We've created a guide to agencies to help you decide if an agency is right for you. You can also check out this help article to learn more about agencies. 


Also, please note that your freelancer profile must represent you as an individual and that all the information in your profile including your name needs to be accurate, truthful and verifiable. Please check this help article for more information on how to update your profile name.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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