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non-exclusive freelancer in my ageny (JSS)

Good day great communinty and community managers,


we are starting our agency and we need to know if we add non-exclusive account to our agency , does his individual JSS got affected positively or negatively by our JSS? also will the feedback got by our clients appear on his profile?


appreciate your support

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Hello Amit,

I am new to upwork and have been receiving a great response as a freelancer. With the amount of work that I have on my plate it would be wise to setup an agency and have members join my team to deliver exceptional service and value to customers.


As per my understanding of the Agency Article available on the platform, I believe the non-exclusive members enjoy the benefit of having their personal JSS as well as Agency's JSS depending on the type of team they select while bidding on projects.


If your agency member (non exclusive) bids on project using their personal profile, their respective JSS will appear on clients end.


If they bid using the Agency Account, your agency's JSS will reflect on their respective bid.


Most importantly, the amount against which the project is being delivered will be deposited under agency account if the agency member has chosen to bid as an agency. In case of private bid, the amount will be deposited in freelancers own account, to which the agency owner will not have access to. I hope this clears. 


do correct me if I am wrong.

Jacklyn G.

Hi Amit,


Thank you for reaching out. An exclusive agency member with enough contracts to qualify for a JSS, the agency JSS is listed on their profile.


If they are a non-exclusive agency member with enough contracts to qualify for a JSS, their individual profile JSS is listed on the agency's profile and we calculate that based on contracts they completed both independently and as part of the agency. Their individual JSS does not take into account other contracts completed by other members of the agency but does take into account all contracts they have had, whether as part of the agency or as an individual contractor.

~ AJ
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