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1st Experienced with Upwork is FRAUD, learn my experienced how to lost $1450 + 3 months time wasted

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by tell my story i need explain my purpose clearly, to avoid missunderstanding.

my purpose is only to help/protect/prevent other clients, especially new client like me, so they not through pain with Upwork just like me.



i put mostly story on pdf attachment so you can check on it most of the story.


For who doesnt want read all, the short is:

1) i put all requirements i need for new site with that spesifications with Fixed Price.

2)  Freelance agree with the price and timeline and with the all requirements i need.

3)  Freelance show ongoing progress with not include framework that he promised, with the reason is not necesarry for my requirements., he just use ready template that you can buy cheap on codecanyon.

4)  Freelance finally want to use framework as we agree before, and ask me to send all mockups design.

5)  I send all mockup and he promised to deliver as my mockups on the 1 month later.

6)  1 month later he send the work result but the mockup design still same  1 month ago when he show me without framework (see number 3).

7) since i already waste 3 months without nothing and freelance not deliver as timeline i gave and as he promised, i finally do dispute.

😎 We use Arbitrary , and we need pay more $300 for this service.

9) Arbitrary decision is made and the result is all my funds for this job is 100% must be paid to freelance.


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So that mean i just lost all money and waste a lot time and my project will be postpone due financial issue.

I never thought business flow road upwork run based on third party.

Upwork not want make decision or responbility regarding issue on their platform.

and Arbitatry decision is the final, you will not able know that you are on the wrong side or right side even you already read all TOS or TERMS Upwork, because Arbitatry is the decision owner.


So i not get any single file at all for $1450



So my Final Note:

This Arbitatry doesn't want explain regarding his decisions and it is clear This Arbitatry considers Freelance is a fellow profession as a seller of services, very irrelevant and biased.


* i remind you not all Arbitrary is like above, some is good peoples, but as you are a clients you must be careful and understand you will lost all your money with this Upwork terms.

Also i not blame Freelancer because on all platform like Upwork or F***rr or E***ce or others there are always good and bad freelance person.

But if you want more safety as client you might consider how is the platform work so you not risk your money when you stuck with bad freelance and finally you stuck with the dispute and finally you lost your money.

Since i already tried other platform like Upwork, definelty other platform has a better or clear term, like Fixed Price with exact requirements will mean you will not pay for something outside of your requirments.

Plus they will not waste your time and not ask you to pay more for Arbitrary service.


I like Upwork if i Freelance, but if i'm client, i will not risk my money on Upwork, i will use other platform that more safer.


i don't want argue especially with other Freelance, this just my experienced and truth and already happen. 


Best Regards