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Advice on a client wanting native files


I am an experienced self-taught graphic designer and need some advice. The majority of my work has been at companies where I have been employed, rather than as a freelancer, hence the reason for this post.


I have a client who asked me to complete a one-hour trial (paid) and at the end of the project wants me to send the native files so they can save them in any format. (I would prefer to offer to do that for her but now understand that I have to provide them under the hour contract?)

I used a couple of images I downloaded from via Creative Fabrica and the rest, including fonts, were from Canva as I designed it there. As I understand, I can share the template from Canva as a link and this is legal to do but I am unsure as to whether she can legally have the images from Creative Fabrica. Would she need to download them herself? 


Sorry if this sounds stupid, I have read the terms on UpWork and it is so confusing. 


Thank you for your help

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You must provide sources for paid work within rules. If other didn't agreed before.

It's about "downloaded stuff" used in the project which I believe depends on the agreement when downloading the stuff. If modification and resale are okay, there should be no problem.


I think you (TS) need to look deply into Creative Fabrica. Or your office, if you see no additional agreement between your office and them, it should be okay for you to use it on your non-office projects as well.

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Creative Favbrica provides a detail note on licensing on every product page. A quick check should let you know if commercial usage is allowed and to what extent.


Same goes for Canva items. 


I hope you've ensured the payments you made on the two sites for any front/image/template purchase is accounted for in the trial project's fees.

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