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Can you ask a freelancer to sign a clients security and confidentiality agreement?



I'm want to hire a freelancer to work on a project with me. The thing is, the client I'm working on behalf of would like me to sign their security and confidentiality agreement. No problems there.


As I would be outsourcing some of this work to an UpWork freelancer, they would also be required to sign the same security and confidentiality agreement. Is this possible?


I've seen many posts talking about nondisclosure agreements but none talking about client specific contracts/agreements.

Many thanks


@Soti C wrote:

Hi Jennifer,

thanks for your reply. Yes I'd read about the subcontracting hours in the terms of service, thanks for reminding me!


It seems that I can ask a freelancer to sign the type of contract I'm talking about but that would be between my company and the freelancer, nothing to do with UpWork. And I would have to inform my client that I was subcontracting some of the work out to a freelancer. Does this all sound right?

 *pulls out magnifying glass* (I'm not sure why you're changing the font size in your posts but they are really tiny!)


Yes, that's correct. If you're hiring a freelancer on Upwork, no matter the reason why, you can ask them to sign an NDA (or whatever you want to call it) if you want. They may not want to, and you shouldn't ask them to include a copy of their ID or something like that.


And yes, if you are subcontracting a fixed-price contract (remembering that you can't subcontract an hourly one), then you need to inform your client that you are doing so - or rather, ask them for permission is probably better in this case, as the client already seems leery of working with freelancers because of their NDA requirement. The client may not like you doing it, in which case you shouldn't do it. It's ALWAYS best to be open and professional with your clients.

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