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Delete profile picture



I had a client account I was using with no issues.  Then I created a freelancer account to see what's out there and uploaded a picture (had to).  I tested the freelancer account but realized had no use for it, so deleted it.  Now, the picture I uploaded for the freelancer account is on my client account.  I don't want a picture at all on my client account.  Please help me delete it and get it back to the way it was.


Thank you.


Hi Roma,

One of our agents will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you further.


Hi Andrea. I'm facing the same issue. I have a freelancer and a client account (also, of my clients have added me as a hiring manager). Now whether I'm hiring for personal projects or as the client's hiring manager, my photo is being displayed in the chat. How can I remove my photo from my client account, without triggering any issues with my freelancer account? 

Nvm. Found the answer. 


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Clients have 3 options for their profile photo:


- no photo

- a photo of themselves

- a logo image for their company


If the Upwork tool currently doesn't allow a client to delete the photo with an easy-to-find button and revert back to having NO photo for their "client profile" or "client aspect"...


And if intervention from Upwork Customer Support is required... Then that is clearly a missed opportunity on Upwork's part to enhance the client-side user interface, increase client satisfaction, and save money and resources currently expended on Support personnel.


I understand that Upwork doesn't want to have freelancer profile pages displayed without pofile photos. But if it is up to me, here is what I do: Add a button for any client to find, which allows them to "Show no profile photo or logo image". Then the user interface can honor that setting in all client-based UIX, regardless of whether or not the user has an active freelancer aspect associated with their Upwork login account.

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I wonder why clients are trying to hide their identity and Upwork is happy with this .. we freelancers put our faces and all out there, yet clients can use fake names, no pictures, create multiple accounts, post jobs without hiring and lots of other "fun" stuff.. what exactly is Upwork doing to ensure freelancers at least know who they are working with.

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