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Split Milestone into 4 milestones

Hi! I would like to ask for help to split existing milestone by 4 milestones (4 weeks) for this project: Fullstack JS with Nextjs/Node| Bulding adminpanel vendor
I can't do it by myself.  Can you please help with that? 

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Fast way if you close contract then create correct one.

Thank you for replay! will i lose the project fee if i close the contract and ask for refund? 

Unsure is fee refunded. Some moderator will clarify it when see topic.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andreas,


The contract initiation fee is not in effect until April 26, 2023. That said, the way it works is that we will charge this fee when you make the first payment to a freelancer on the contract, including releasing milestones, making hourly payments, bonuses, or any other payments to freelancers.


Also, please keep in mind that you can choose the amount that is released from the milestone. This means that if you have a $200 milestone, for example, you could release $50 and keep the rest in Escrow. Then use the funds in Escrow to activate future Milestones. You can find instructions on how to do this in this help article.


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hi pls, I am a freelancer
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Sure, I can help you with that! Here's how we can split the existing milestone into 4 milestones (4 weeks) for your Fullstack JS project with Nextjs/Node and building an admin panel vendor:

  1. Week 1: Planning and Setup
  • During the first week, focus on planning and setting up the project. This includes defining the scope of work, creating wireframes, and setting up the development environment.
  • Deliverables for week 1 could include wireframes and a project plan.
  1. Week 2: Frontend Development
  • During the second week, focus on frontend development using Nextjs. This includes building out the user interface for the admin panel vendor.
  • Deliverables for week 2 could include a working frontend with basic functionality.
  1. Week 3: Backend Development
  • During the third week, focus on backend development using Node. This includes setting up the database, creating APIs, and integrating the frontend with the backend.
  • Deliverables for week 3 could include a working backend with basic functionality.
  1. Week 4: Testing and Deployment
  • During the fourth week, focus on testing the application and preparing it for deployment. This includes testing all the features, fixing any bugs, and deploying the application to a production environment.
  • Deliverables for week 4 could include a fully functional admin panel vendor that is ready for deployment.

I hope this helps you to split your existing milestone into four milestones for your Fullstack JS project with Nextjs/Node and building an admin panel vendor. Good luck with your project!


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