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What IF your frontender threatens you?

Hi all, 


I just need an advice. I've hired a coder who didn't deliver so I finally closed the project and released the milestone. After a while he started writing me about his wife and how sick she is so he needs to work for me. I declined his offers and finally after months of chasing me on skype getting no asnwer back he wrote THE ATTACHED MESSAGE.


He's basically threatening me to hack my website if I don't hire him again.  

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What would you do? 


Thank you, 


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Hi Maurizio,


Sorry to hear that your freelancer has threatened you this way! Our team is aware of this and is already investigating it and will take action according to our internal processes. You will also receive an update directly, as we won't be able to discuss details here in the community.

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In addition, I would also suggest that you block the freelancer in messages and take steps to secure your website, change any related passwords and make sure any access that you have given the freelancer is revoked.

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Also: get into your cpanel on your hosting account and delete any FTP accounts he might have created. That's a backdoor.

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