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Oct 04, 2023
How I Think You Can Be Built Into a Successful Freelancer

How can you be a successful freelancer?


What happens when you go to purchase a car?


When you go to purchase a car, it is essentially the same thing as bidding on a project, the quality of the product is ultimately what will determine the success of the transaction. For a car, this means that it is in good condition and has low mileage. Similarly, for a project, this means that the work is done to a high standard and meets the client's needs.


In both cases, the buyer of a car (or a client needing a freelancing job to be done) will be looking for a product that is reliable and meets their expectations. So by focusing on providing a high-quality product, you can increase your chances of success in purchasing a car (or winning a bid.)


But is this all which counts or is there something else? True, gigs are very important for selling but this is one side of it. There are many other aspects for you to succeed as a freelancer. We propose a pondering on this is in the proceeding paras.


If the freelancer is a product?


Just imagine how it would be if you treat yourself as a 'product'? Hanna Brooks Olsen at one occasion stated that one of his friends was treating himself to a product. Imagine what will happen then? Is it that you will sell your gigs assuming you are a gig itself? If so then maybe that you will drive to sell will double the speed. Why?, because then you will be handing yourself to your buyer as gigs-deliverable.


In other words, your assumption as a gig product will make you take all gig-related activities positively. It will be like you will be getting into buyers' shoes. In other words, you will strategize for how a design gigs, and write in a way value is added. It will be by assuming that you are a gig yourself, you will intend to get a gig presented in a way that the buyers hire you.


Professional criteria for success as a freelancer:

Suppose that you are a fresher like us. What will you do then? Based on that experience, we noted that we need two sets of expertise, one is personal and another is professional strengths. Both are essential for your success. Your professional strengths are your abilities to design your gigs and your personal strengths are your psychological and social abilities to win over your buyers.


More clearly, on the professional front, you need to be thorough in your niche and designing of your gigs because by doing so you may provide the best possible service to your client. You and your work may be more trustworthy, reliable and loved by your client.


Personal criteria for success as a freelancer:


Similarly, on a personal front, you will need to be good as a person and as a social being. Given that you have these skills, you may need to look for a chance of contacting your clients for applying you and defining working relationship with them.


When we look for occasions for contact between freelancers and clients then we find there are a total of five occasions when a freelancer had a chance of contacting the client. These are occasions when you as a freelancer will be needed to communicate with your client. Remember that your gig has already played it's trick and now it's time for your person-skills to do the rest.


Here are those five chances you have when getting to contact the client:


Practice etiquette when meeting:

You may assume that if the client decided to speak to you, it means that your profile and gigs were impressive and now, your job is to prove him right. So, when you first interact with your client, you introduce yourself detailing your will to prove that you are experienced and more potent than others.


Draw curiosity; time and attention will follow:

Your rapport building should always be followed by your drive to be more with your clients. The moment the client is willing to spend time with you and he is attentive to you then this means he is interested in you and your gigs. Encash such a state fully. For, it is making it possible to believe that you have the best chances.  


Professionally beautify your profile:

Your Upwork profile is a point of contact with clients. You will find all the freelance-website earmarked most visible spots for the job profiles so that it may be easily seen by clients. It may be because it is your biography and goes over qualification, experience, achievements and so on. I always advise one to prepare a beautiful profiles in the first place.


Share your key experiences:

Past experiences are live examples of how one applies competencies and leanings to a work situation successfully. It is a biography of your practical learnings. When a client learns what a freelancer had done in the past, he learns what things he can do if given a chance. So experiences are the live demonstration of one's abilities and should be showcased in your profile and when communicating with your clients.


Document your agreement:

There is an unwritten rule: 'we should document our agreement'. All suggest so and so we should follow this rule. This suggestion contradicts the belief that business is always done on trust and relations. Maybe sometimes you face an otherwise situation and in that case, this smartness will pay. Always utilize the built in payment and contract tools on Upwork, as they as designed to keep you safe and your freelancer client relationship professional.


Your Takeaway:


In this blog, I attempted to argue that freelancers can increase their chances of success by treating themselves as a product and designing their offerings in a way that stands out and captures the attention of potential clients. Freelancers should also ensure that their profile is professionally presented and only share key experiences that are relevant to the gig when submitting proposals. Additionally, they should always document agreements and put themselves into the client's shoes while relating with them. This will require your beleif in yourself, your competences, and social abilities.


Here are some key points from my blog:


  • Treat yourself as a product: When you think of yourself as a product, you will be more likely to take all gig-related activities seriously. You will also be more likely to strategize for how to design your gigs in a way that adds value to the client.
  • Begin your gigs carefully: Your gigs should be well-written and informative, and they should highlight your skills and experience. They should also be priced competitively.
  • Professionally present your profile: Your profile is your first impression to potential clients, so it is important to make sure it is professional and well-written. It should also include your skills, experience, and any relevant certifications.
  • Put yourself into your gigs: When you are designing your gigs, it is important to put yourself into the shoes of the client. Think about what they are looking for and what would make them want to hire you. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success as a freelancer.


Author is Dr GP Singh, Mumba