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What would you do if you won $1 billion?

Over the weekend, someone in Illinois won more than a billion dollars in the Mega Millions lottery! I admit I shelled out $2 for my chance at the winnings and I certainly did some dreaming. I couldn't decide whether I'd open a theme park or make a big-budget film. 🤔 Perhaps I could have done both!


What would you do with a billion dollars?

Mike J.
Community Member

After taxes, if I'm not mistaken you would end up with 450 mil which the lottery company splits through a number of years. They also offered the winner the option to get one lump sum of 357 mil but I'm not sure if that's after taxes. Anyway, I feel important to note that... but still, that's some pretty good money. I would've used it to build my own low-income housing complex with an on-campus daycare and learning environment so that people that are ready to work on themselves can either start a career or take what they know to the next level (whether that's a new job or start a business of their own). 

One can only dream, right? Maybe next time one of us can get it.

For the recent $1.2 Billion Mega Millions, the lump sum was $747 million before taxes which is what the winner took. They'll "only" be left with about $450 million after taxes, but that's still a huge payday!

Mike J.
Community Member

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