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Advice & Guidance Support

Hello to the entire Community Supports, I wish you're all doing well.

It has been more than a week that I've signed up for Upwork as a Creative Designer freelancer, I've spent my time in building a good profile after approval and before submitting any proposals such as Certificates, Eduaction, Overview and much more. I spent hours for the test improving my skills and providing details for clients once I build my profile and portfolio 100% successfully the next day I witnessed that I achieved "Rising Talent" on the right side of my profile and I was surprised, anyway, I thought the result of building a good profile or something.


I started submitting proposals for ones I'm perfect not just randomly submitting proposals for the jobs you have no idea even I'm still designing related logos, banners and attach something that isn't possible to copy but a strong sample or photo to provide for the clients while they're reviewing proposals for their project. I don't really attach my resume of work, but I often attach a shadowed name on the logo so they aren't able to copy it or something. I believe I write a pretty good attractive cover-letter, but yet I haven't received a communication interview or hired for someone's project.


I only apply for the jobs that meet requirements successfully, such as "Rising Talent", "Conversational English Language", "Freelancer" blah blah. I've never attempted to apply for those jobs that required 95% Job Success and I don't have even a half percentage. I suggest clients for a test-project I mean providing a free-sample before hire and interview, but I didn't even have received a message from anyone of them. I've submitted around 20 proposals still I didn't give up, I researched for my mistakes often, but I'm looking for precious advices that should get improved as soon as possible


I'll write up a proposal sample down below that I often use in sending proposals and sample attachments for the client.


"Greetings Hiring Manager,


I've successfully read and understood your job description that you are looking for a logo design for your company, 'however, I believe I'm eligible for your project and I can finish it in less than hour or more.

I'm an intermediate professional Graphic Designer with several years of experience, I've designed a lot of logos for customers and websites. I'm pretty good in Logo Designing, Banners, I'm intermediate in designing Business Cards, Brochure designing and T-Shirt designing. I believe your logo won't take that long. I would like to suggest a communication because it is the key to success so we can discuss everything regarding your project and I'll provide you with several samples for the review, 'however, I have several samples provided for your project that I'm going to upload in attachments so you can review it. I'll leave a link down below through my profile's portfolio for reviewing.



I'll look forward to hearings from you.




This is very similar for those proposals yet I've submitted, I would appreciate every single reply from you all because you are all amazing and helpful and I'm 100% sure I'm going get support from your valuable advises and guidance so thank you very much!


P.S. The link is right here, https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01c169ceeca7c7240f


“Good reputation is more valuable than money.” - Publilius Syrus
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Hi Salman, I hope you're doing fine! I think that you have a nice profile, and overall you look very hireable, BUT I just noticed that you only charge 5$ and hour for your work? 


Maybe you should reconsider setting a higher price because everything that your profile is selling me right now is good quality but the low price sometimes can be misleading. Maybe consider that and keep sending proposals because you just got started, I've sent a lot, like A LOT of proposals and it happens to me as well. I got my 1st upwork job recently and i'm still trying to land another one, Maybe I have some issues with my profile and cover letter like you, but it really depends on a lot of things. I just take it easy and with a lot of patience and constance.... You'll get there, Good luck! 

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Thank you so much for replying Aly Gabriela,


I've also reviewed your profile and I find it is a good signal to land on other projects that you've earned a good amount and trustworthy feedback from the start, never-mind, The thing is I just started working as a freelancer I'll raise my hourly rate once I begin getting some jobs I mean If I get hired for a job or receive a feedback after accomplishing the job it is like birthday gift for me, 'however, I just wanted to start from low rate to high rate also, If I raise my hourly rate the result would be the same. The advices yet I've received from everyone is applying for the jobs that you are perfect or eligible for it and don't stop because if you stop and give up thats a big FAIL.

I've never uploaded a sample that don't even shows that it is relative for the client, I attempt to make them a similar or same sample to provide them.


Anyway, I'll look forward to others advices and thank you Gabriela!

“Good reputation is more valuable than money.” - Publilius Syrus

Please make sure all the work in your portfolio is yours.