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Looking to join a group


I am a graphic designer, looking to join a group on UpWork.

I intend to join a group becaue I believe that would guarantee a continuous flow of jobs.

I have a 100% complete profile and I am Top Rated. 31 jobs and rising.
Been a graphic designer for 5 years. Studied Art&Design in college for 3 years.

UpWork has a form to join groups, but there was no Field of Expertise for creatives. UpWork Support Team said that they are " expanding " and told me to " stay tuned ".

So, I wanted to know if anyone of you designers has joined a group already...

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi Red!


I'm also a graphic designer who has been looking for a group or some kind of network like that for us here ... I haven't found one yet.  The closest thing I've found is the Coffee Break section under Community Discussions - but that's just more for connecting with other people on here and not designers specifically. Making threads here (designers & creatives) or on coffee break about design centered topics seems like the way to go. 


As for networking, I'm still trying to figure that out too. I don't code, so it would be super amazing to find a coder I could network with on those kinds of jobs that need a design + working website. 

Hopefully Upwork was telling you the truth and they'll make some kind of way for us to network with other creatives. In the mean time, these community boards are your best bet.




Hey there!


I'm not a graphic designer, tho I do know my way around Photoshop. I'm a videographer/editor and networking is absolutely key to my work