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Boolean Search Broken

When searching for jobs, is the boolean search feature broken?



  1. I enter `title:(full stack developer)` into the search bar and hit enter
  2. This turns into `title:(full AND stack AND developer)`
  3. Any additional searches add additional `AND`s: `title:(full AND AND AND stack AND AND AND developer)`

I can't even use OR statements. Is anyone else encountering this issue? If not how do I use boolean searches?


I tried this on Firefox and Brave.


Hi Naveen,


I am sorry to hear about the trouble using a boolean search. Could you please try again after clearing Cookies and Cache on your browser? You can also try using a different browser. Feel free to message us if problems persist.


- Pradeep




Thanks for your reply. I cleared cookies and cache in Firefox and the issue still occurs. I also tried in Edge and the saved search function is not persisting my searches properly.


Also I discovered that the `Feedback` link in the bottom (footer) of the page does not do anything when clicked. 


Can you engage your engineering team to take a look and fix these issues?




I'm using as much of a Boolean filter as Upwork will allow at this moment. Have you logged out and back in?


I know it sounds like copy and paste, but reboot.

Thanks for your message Jeanne. Logging out and back in did not fix the issue.

This is a bug that needs to be addressed and fixed by Upwork engineering. As stated above, I am unable to submit Feedback using the link in the Footer.

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This bug is significantly hindering my ability to use Advanced Search to find jobs that I would like to apply to. As soon as I click 'next' to go to the next page of search results, the search `title:(full AND stack AND developer)` turns into `title:(full AND AND AND stack AND AND AND developer)`. This results in only jobs with the word `and` showing up in my search results.

Hi Naveen,


We've escalated your Community post via a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

~ Luiggi
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