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Chargeback Notification: Requesting Deliverables

I completed this project on September 26, 2021, and even before the deadline of the project. I explained and shared every single related detail, document along with the private app code. After 

23 days of project delivery now I got an Email from Upwork regarding reversal. Does that even make any sense? The Upwork team is asking me to provide proof that I submitted the work and the client is satisfied with it please see the review that only the client can give and only the client has the power to approve/reject the milestone submission. Well, this action made little skeptical about the security and confidence of Upwork. All of the payments for the project are kept in escrow for a reason but DO YOU THINK UPWORK YOUR ESCROW IS OF ANY USE?Capture.jpg


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Salman, 

I understand how this experience can be frustrating for you, and I can see that you have already updated your ticket. I recommend you add proof of the work you submitted to your client and any screengrab related to the job you completed to help the team investigate this further. 


If you have other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to update your support ticket, and the team handling your case will continue assisting you.

~ Avery
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