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Client Timeframe is less

Hi Community members,
A Client just purchased my Project Catalog. He asked in the requirements to Assign codes (Harmonized Tariff Codes) to 22,000 products in 24 hours. I think clients wants me to complete this in $55. I've shared my concerns regarding the time and budget but the client is not replying. I asked him to start an hourly or fixed price project with 1 month delivery time as it's the fastest turnaround time for even experts to perfrom this task.
I need to know if the client won't reply me and I don't deliver it in 24 hours, is it going to effect my profile in any way? I really need assistance / guidence on this.


Looking forward for your kind guidence on this.

Many Thanks,

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Nightmare! I'm pretty sure though that you can cancel the order within 24hrs of it being placed and it will have no effect on your profile. Go into the contract room and you should find the option somewhere there.

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Hi Liz,
Thank you for your reply. Okay, I'll give the client some time to respond, if I don't get response from client's side, I'll cancel my order within 24hrs. I hope it won't effect my profile or rating. 

Just make sure you don't leave it too long or it could affect your rating for sure. Remember it's 24 hours from the time the client placed the order. Good luck!

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I will make sure, to cancel it on time. Thank you very much Liz for helping out. 

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What are you waiting for?  Clearly buyer wants to rip you off. Cancel.

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