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Client asked me to give him a quote officially, what does it mean?

Hi, so I'm currently working with a client who purchases my services through my project page. We're almost done with this project, probably around 80% complete. Earlier, he inquired about the cost of a potential new project for his family's business. After providing him with an assessment and my price, he agreed and wants to proceed with the project. He's now asking me to send him an official quote. What does that entail? I don't think there's a feature in Upwork for us freelancer to send clients the quote. Usually, it's the client who sends freelancers an offer, and then we can begin work. Should I send him a quote in PDF format?

Update : I found out that we can propose a new contract to an existing client here :https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006647007-Propose-a-New-Contract
Maybe it's what he meant, but I can't find the propose a new contract button anywhere. Maybe it's because he use my service through project page (not the usual job post), or maybe because the current project isn't paid yet?

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It's a quote first, acceptance, and then the project begins.

I mean how do I give him a quote? Does using the "propose a new contract" feature from Upwork counts as a quote? Or should I create a formal pdf and send him via direct message?

Give a quote via the messages or in a cover letter.

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