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Client gets their work done,close the project and after some time get their money back by refund


Recently, i have worked with client.

The client got his all work done,closed the project happily nonetheless i assured him that i will give support after the project is closed.

After few days he raised the refund request.

Instead of all hardwork and giving all the work to the client i got nothing, i have to give a big amount back.

This is the trick which clients has used. There should be some policy against such clients.

Or there should be policy that if client has closed the project then he can't make request for refund.

This will help people like us.

Thank You

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Upendra, I am confused.


The client asked for a refund. Clearly that was an inappropriate request.


Just say no.


Why do you think you will lose your pay?


Tell the client "no", and keep your money.

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Did you go through the dispute process and lost or you just agreed to refund?

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