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Client has paid but I haven't received it.

Hi Guys, can anyone help me?

My client has paid for the project but I haven't received it. I was only given proof of this invoice. What should I do?

Thank you, guys.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi Allan,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please know that all applicable time that you log in your Work Diary, whether tracked or added as manual time, is invoiced to your client according to the schedule below:

  • Week 1 — You log time using the Upwork desktop app (Time Tracker)
  • Week 2 — Your time is invoiced to your client on Monday, and they have until Friday to review your work
  • Week 3 — Earnings become available on the following Wednesday



You may check this article for more information.

~ AJ

Okay, Thank you Annie

Hii Annie.

My client made an order 3 times. 2 times through Upwork, the 3rd time directly to me but he pays via Upwork.

Payment for orders 1 and 2 have been received in my PayPal account, but order 3 is still not.

Even the payment doesn't appear in the work in progress, review, or pending overview.


The invoice is attached at the beginning of the thread.


Thank you Annie.

Hi Allan,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your payment. I do not see any active contract on Upwork. Could you please clarify why was the third order placed directly outside of Upwork and what was the terms for the third order? 


Thank you,



Hi Pradeep,

There are no special terms because I intend to give free screen bonuses to my clients, but my clients still pay through Upwork.

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Wait - so your client is having a contract outside of Upwork but paid you directly to upwork? How is that even possible ? and I hope you do not get banned for that mate

So my client wants to add screens, I've done all of that, but I don't think he will pay for it because I really intend to give him a bonus screen. Apparently, he paid for it through Upwork, mate. 

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