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Client used profane words

My client used foul/abusive language with me on Upwork chatting room and I have 5 screenshots for evidence. What will Upwork do with that client? Will Upwork ban/suspent his account? I have attached evidences you can see.


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Obviously, If you complaint upwork will take action against his account. And if his claims  of having screenshots of you insuting him is true or if he has some proof of you doing some shady dealings  with the clients's client , your account will be in soup too.


You should complaint to Customer support or wait for a moderator to take note.

I believe you can flag the conversation for Upwork to review, although I admit I don't know how to do it.  I'll flag your post for a moderator to step in.


Flagging the moderator is not working for some reason.  Sigh.  Oh well, someone will come along to help you.


Hi Laziz,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry this happened to you. I'll follow up with the team about your report and they'll review this further.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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