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Client wants to change his good review on me after the job is closed

I was working with the client last month. He was totally ok and asked me for the additional things to add at the end of the job. We agreed on extra payment for that, but he didn't create the milestone. When I gave him all the files he closed the job saying he paid those additional money. I got all the proofs in our chat with him. He leaved a really nice review on me anyway. After three days of ignoring my questions about this extra payment he said I wasn't professional at my work, gave him not all the files etc.

I was a bit intrusive keep sending him "?" and asking about the payment, but I didn't say nothing bad, offensive or false. And now he calls me "crazy", wants to change his review "not for him but for others" and keep speaking with me in a very offensive way.


Anyway I don't want this extra payment now. But I also don't want his good review to be changed on bad. What should I expect?

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He can't change his review unless you enable him to do it, so don't worry about it! And you've probably already realized this, but you should never even start work on an unfunded milestone much less turn in completed work, as there is no way for you to get paid without one.

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Alex, you pestered the client. I wish you had not done that. Clearly it didn't help you.


Fortunately, I know you won't do that in the future. Because in the future you will not work for free. You will require clients to fully fund every milestone before you start working on it.


The client can not do anything to change the review. You have nothing to worry about there.


re: "...keep speaking with me in a very offensive way."


Block him.

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Sarah is absolutely right. Do nothing and your track record stays clean. Trade the last milestone for a great review. I'd do that 100% of the time to guarantee my business stays on the positive side on this platform. One obscure client should not torpedo your online freelance career.

But if you're interested in avoiding similar things in the future, there are a couple of things you could think about.

It all comes down to reading your client.

Did you have video calls? Did you understand the client's business problem? Did your client manage to make money out of your results?

If you're unsure or anywhere in the grey area, you should worry. If you made money for them, there is a small chance only that the client is seeking to screw you.

It's a fact of life.

That being said, some people are in fact unusually greedy. 🙄

But in any case do not send just "?" as a single message, it looks unprofessional. 😉
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