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please write any suggestions, I'm a new one who recently got my very first job and COPMLETED it. But in my portfolio it still in progress. Should I contact to employer or can I complete it myself? Any suggestions? 


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You could ask your client to End the contract, or you could end it by yourself. 

Or you could also leave it open. It's no harm.

Great! But what about positive feedback? Should I ask him/her to leave it to me? What if I want to leave him/her a positive feedback? What is better way to act, what you suggest dear?

Giorgi T wrote:

Great! But what about positive feedback? Should I ask him/her to leave it to me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be terribly unprofessional and inappropriate behavior.

Ask the client to end the contract, that will result in the client leaving feedback.

You do not ask for "good feedback". The client should leave appropriate feedback that accurately reflects their experience.

Definitely I'll try your option. If there are any other suggestions I'm willing to listen to all

If the client had a great time working with you, s/he would leave you a great feedback. (the party that ends the contract doesn't have an option of not leaving feedback)

You don't have to ask them for a good one if s/he was happy with your work. If s/he wasn't, asking for one won't change anything.

Some clients even said in the forum that they felt annoyed when freelancers asked for 5 star reviews.

The client is happy, he already payed money. But job is still in progress and I have no feedback, that is my situation and that was my question. Your suggestions are very helpful dears, thanks for replies 

I forgot to mention as I saw you asking "What if I want to leave him/her a positive feedback? ": when he ends the contract, you will be notified and there's a button for you to leave feedback.

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