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Difficult to get hourly jobs

I have noticed that the hourly jobs are the only way to get decent income for persons that lik me have rents and bills to pay. Some fixed price projects are small budgeted, and many times are rounds of corrections that ends up taking much more times that the time used to earn the budget in hourly contracts. But, by some reason, the hourly projects for which I have applied, I have gotten some interviews, but not the start of the job, or the contracts are for few hours a week, or idle. but in fixed proce contracts i am the silly boy that do long works for 75 USD. Like if that amount was enough for 3 months that took the project, that was building a site with cryprocurrency backend.

How have you done to get a decent earning here?. I m dessesperatedbecause I am going to marry, and apply and apply to works and I have used to get almost nothing.

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I just never take fixed priced jobs that are more than 200$ and over a week of work. If you take low paid jobs that take long, you won't be able to find a good one during the time you are working on the low one. It's better not to work with the potential to find something good, than work for cents and missout on good projects. The only way to get good jobs, is to say no to bad jobs. 


Hourly jobs are better, but also have a bigger commitment. Clients will look for the best one to work with, while the competition there is surely higher. Don't be desperate. No one wants to work with someone who is on edge.

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It sounds like you're not doing a very good job of choosing fixed price jobs and nailing down the scope of the project before jumping in. 


Some freelancers prefer hourly and other prefer fixed price, but there's no reason one should be inherently more lucrative than the other. Plenty of freelancers are quite successful with fixed price jobs. You simply have to make sure the scope of the job matches the price before you agree. If the client wants you to do three months worth of work for $75, you don't take that job.

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