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Does using the signed-in zoom app on Upwork zoom meeting violate the TOS?



I would like to enable captions in upwork Zoom meetings but this feature requires singin into  the Zoom app.

I am not sure if meeting on Upwork zoom using the Singed in zoom app is a TOS violation.


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Hi Goh,


Using the signed-in Zoom app for Upwork Zoom meetings does not violate Upwork's Terms of Service (TOS). The main concern when using communication platforms outside of Upwork is sharing contact information or discussing payment arrangements that would bypass Upwork's system. However, as long as you adhere to Upwork's policies and keep all communication and payment arrangements within the platform, you should be fine.


To enable captions in your Zoom meetings, signing into the Zoom app is necessary, and doing so should not cause any issues regarding Upwork's TOS. Just be mindful of keeping all communications, project-related discussions, and payment arrangements within Upwork to avoid any potential violations.

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For interview only integrated Zoom allowed.

After contract started feel free to use anything you want.

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