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**Edited** scam

I was contacted on Upwork from **Edited for community guidelines** about data analyst job which pays 40 per hour. They send me a pdf file and then some links to answer questions. It sounded suspicious and when I typed their name it appears that many people had bad experience with them. I was trusting Upwork that everything is legit but now not. Please @Upwork remove fake profiles.

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You specified the "name" of a "client" company.


What you need to understand is that names are irrelevent.

It is behavior that is important.

As freelancers, we recognize fraudulent behavior.


We ignore names.

The names that scammers feed you are simply names that they copy off of the Internet. They are usually names of well-established companies. But the scammers don't represent those companies.


When we see fraudulent behavior, we use the "Flag as inappropriate" link button to report the scammer "client." Then upwork takes down the job and removes that client account. The scammer must then choose a new name to pretend to be. The scammer will create a new fake client account. This may frustrate you to hear this, but by continually removing the fake accounts created by scammers, we are able to prevent them from building up an impressive Upwork history.


Now you know, for future reference, that you don't need to ask about a specific client or company "name". And you are not allowed to specify those names in the Community Forum. If you have a question about a job or job posting, then you may ask about it without mentioning names.

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Community Manager

Hi Kristine,


Thanks for flagging this job to us. I've checked and it looks like the job has already been taken down because it was in violation of Upwork TOS and action has been taken on the client account. 


Please check this thread for more information on how to use the flag option found on each job post or message to report any suspicious or inappropriate content. Also, check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Bojan
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