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**Egyptian** Freelancers: Advice on best banks in Egypt for USD dealings

Question Specificaly to Egyptian Freelancers.


Please detail your withdrawal systems to get cash in USD in Egypt.


Please explain the withdrawal method, any intermediary steps (wise, payoneer, etc)


Please also mention how smoot and how long you have been using the method.

e.g. it takes me 3 hours standing in line at bank x to withdraw, but bank y it is only 1 hour.

e.g. the process to open USD account at bank z requires 5 months and a military background check


As you know in Egypt every new day brings new policies🧐

so mention how long your method is working for you


If you are not Egyptian please do not reply and pollute the convo 🩴🪰

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With this sentence you did not receive any reply because you are the polluted one here. Egyptian or not what difference does it make? : If you are not Egyptian please do not reply and pollute the convo 🩴🪰

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