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Get Paid


I just would like to know if my cliend made a payment or not. 

Please, see the screenshot, does it mean that she already paid or this is just a schedule or timetable or smth like that.
Thanks. . . 

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Retired Team Member

Hi Tamta,


When you work on hourly contracts you need to track your time with our desktop app. Clients are billed every Monday for the hours worked in the previous week. To learn more how you`re getting paid on hourly contracts check out this Help Article. To view in what stage your earnings are, go to Reports > Overview. Thank you.

~ Goran
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For hourly projects, the Upwork work week ends each Sunday night at midnight based on Greenwich mean time.


The client's review of your hours each week begins the following day and Upwork's processing of the client's payment takes about 10 days. For me in the US, I receive money in my US bank each Thursday, 11 days after the close of each Upwork work week.

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