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Hourly contract, want to get paid for work complete but allow additional hours. This possible?

I am in an hourly contract and have completed 7 hours of work. The client thinks they may want to add more hours, can I ask them to pay me for the completed 7 and keep the project open? Can i get paid for 7 hours and then get paid for any additional hours later? Can i add the client as a "friend" for future work?

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Hourly projects are paid automatically, regardless of whether the contract is open or closed after logging the hours! Even if the client closes the contract you will get paid for the hours logged. 


If you keep the contract open you can keep adding hours and you will be paid automatically! 


So yes, you will be paid for hours logged and if the contract is not closed you can keep logging hours.


How hourly contacts are paid: 





The hours have been logged since december 15th and i havent been paid for anything yet.

If the client does not dispute the hours, the funds will become available on Wednesday 29th Dec. 


Hours logged between Mon-Sun go under client review for 5 Days (Mon to Friday), if the client does not dispute any hours funds go under Security hold for another 5 Days Saturday to Wed and become available on Wednesday! 


So this Wednesday, your funds will become available for withdrawal! 




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Alex C.,


The week for calculating hours worked and payment due by clients on all hourly projects ends at midnight every Sunday night in London (UTC/GMT).


Each client receives notice the following day of the hours you've booked,  manually or via Time Tracker.


If you are a new freelancer the money the client pays Upwork for your services - minus Upwork's fees - is available for withdrawal to your bank account 10 days after the end of the Upwork work week.

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