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How does this wrk ?

Still in search of work as a freelancer. 0 client works notified.

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Go through the Academy on how to get started on upwork:- How to get started on Upwork as a Freelancer . Go through the Academy cources for learning path, coaching etc. I see you are student and doing degree currently. So you might want to put the availability hours and skills for the work.

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Get rid of the sentence I am still a learner.  Nobody is going to Pay for your training.   And it will be rather tough for you as a student 



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Why would you think you can simply join the platform and get jobs without learning how it works first? Upwork wasted resources creating the Academy courses precisely so that you learn how to use the platform.

Because it's easy. I also want to join and immediately withdraw a lot of money. And it's better if I don't even have to work. It would be great! 😸

Yeah, it must be a huge turn-on for clients when they post a job and get an avalanche of proposals from people who don't even know how the platform works...

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Deepika, you must start at the beginning and determine if you have marketable skills for this marketplace. As it is, you will not have any real jobs and only be scammed. Read this post, and read through every link. You have done nothing to set up a profile or start your journey on Upwork. Whether you succeed, is entirely up to you.


Before you even think about applying for a job, you must understand how Upwork functions. Learning is up to you and no one will protect you in any way - you are responsible for yourself. Think about freelancing as a business. If you do not have real skills, freelancing is not for you.


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