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How to maintain top rated badge

Hello people.
I have became top rated two months back, and now my jss has fallen down into 91%.
I am not so sure about the maintainence of the badge.
Can you please enlighten me about the rules. And what if Iose the badge? Do i need to wait for another 13weeks with 90% jss to get back the badge? Please enlighten me about the rules of maintaining the badge. Also,how can I increase my jss?
Thank you.
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I would think about using your feeback removal perk to eliminate the feedback from the job that ended on October 22:




For future consideration, as many others on the boards have pointed out, it probably works against you to respond to such feedback.


Just my two cents.

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If you can pinpoint which client gave you poor private feedback, and you haven't used your feedback removal perk yet, you can use that. That will restore your score right back to where it was before it dropped, but you have to know exactly which client it was. I try to stagger my upwork projects so that they get closed every two weeks in between the JSS ranking for this very reason. That way if it drops, I know exactly which client it was (it was the one and only client who's contract was closed AFTER the last JSS calculation. 

Yes i know which client is responsible for the drop. Can you help me with feedback removal process too?

You will need to send an email to Upwork support with the contract ID for the contract you want to remove, and ask that they remove it before the next JSS calculation. Once the JSS calculates next time, your score will restore itself assuming you have picked the right client that left you poor private feedback. It's the private feedback that counts the most, not the public feedback. 

Okay thank you for thd help!

While I would disagree that leaving a freelancer response works against freelancers, I would agree that most freelancers get it wrong. I think you got it right when clients left you positive responses, but got it wrong when clients left you negative ones.  Unless you know exactly what to say in a way that markets your personal brand well, and provides an opportunity to change the narrative so that it makes yourself shine, I would suggest not leaving a response. 

So you are saying that,replying to the negative feedback can impact on jss right? And what should i do to remove the feedback?

Prachy C wrote:
So you are saying that,replying to the negative feedback can impact on jss right? And what should i do to remove the feedback?

No. Replying to public feedback on your profile page has no bearing on your JSS. See my other reply that I posted regarding what you should do to remove the feedback. 

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