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I spent about 90 connects without earning one single client, whats wront?

The beginning was nice, got 2 projects without spending money but now its hard.
This is normal? its just me?

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The wording/errors on your profile make it difficult to understand what you're trying to say. You might think about rewriting it and have it proofread by a native speaker so clients can quickly understand what you can offer them. Also, reevaluate your proposals and see if you can't improve them based on Upwork's tips: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/for-freelancers/how-to-create-a-proposal-that-wins-jobs/

But really, you aren't doing too badly if you've already had a few jobs. Soon you'll get a JSS and that will help clients evaluate and choose you even more. 


look again because there is no errors, if you see some error, print it and send it to me.
Thanks for the link

You're welcome for the link. Essentially your awkward grammar doesn't really what you're trying to. I'm not available to rework your profile, but you could try hiring a freelancer or using native English speaking friends to rewrite it.

I will accept that my copy its not the best and hire a copy here for a better presentationa and cover letter.
Now i founded a copy, thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vinícius, 

I had to edit your post as it violated the Upwork Community GuidelinesPosting advertisements or promoting any products or services is not allowed in the Upwork Community. 

If you have questions about the Guidelines, please don't hesitate to reach out here.

~ Avery
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