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Job search new filter

Hello Team,

    I'm observing posts from in job search and there are lots of posts from some countries  (specifically India) where the hire rate is too low and the payment method is not verified. It is sometimes tedious to scroll through too many such job posts. It would be good to introduce a new filter in a job search where freelancers can have the option to remove posts from some particular countries. 

As of now, Upwork has a filter in which freelancers can select particular countries' posts but if the above new feature introduces in Upwork then it would be easier to find the best job post.




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Yes this feature is realy need. I think some are spaming, or scame. I see lot of job postings (specifically from India) to publish their Android apps in developer's accounts. Actually they have to pay only $25 life time for the account but they are ready to spend more than that to publish in some other's account. It is anoying and difficult to find genuine job posts. Upwark should need a way to report these. Also developers should be able to do settings not to show from those countries. Upwork should consider this seriouslty otherwise may loose developers.


Hi Ghanshyam,


Thank you for your suggestions. I will share this with the relevant team.


Thank you,


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