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Messages delay

I am working with a few clients this week, and they are very responsible. I get messages from them every few hours. 
Last 20 hours, I GOT NOTHING.
I sent messages to all of them, and noone reply yet.
I am 100% sure that there is a problem with the messages, and they didnt receive the messages, or they replied but i didnt get the messages.

I had similar problem 3 months ago. I delivered the concept but the client didnt receive it.
I tried few more times to message him, and no replies from him.
After 5 days, he closed the job, because he didnt receive the design, and he was thinking that Ive never deliver it.

Please help me!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Aleksandar,


Could you please reach out to me with the client's name via PM (click on my name) so that I check this and advise you accordingly? Thank you.

~ Goran

I sent you the message 30 minutes ago. I hope you get it.


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I just experienced a 24-hour message delay AGAIN. I'm not bothering to open a ticket because all they do is ask me to send screenshots of the problem. There is no such thing as a screenshot of a message that hasn't been delivered yet!


Sat 11/21 - client invites me to her invitation-only job; desirable client, large project opportunity

also Sat - I sent a proposal
[Oddly, the message center now indicates I sent the proposal on Nov 20 but I didn't even get the invitation until Nov 21.]

Mon 11/23 - client wants to schedule phone call and asks for available time windows

also Mon - I responded with a couple of time slots on Mon and also 'any time Tue'

Mon aft & evening, Tuesday morning - I checked the message room repeatedly (some might say obsessively), knowing that email notification of incoming messages is not 100% reliable. No response.

Tue afternoon, late - I checked the message room and discovered client had replied on Mon afternoon and requested a call on Tue morning, which I missed, of course, since I never got the message.

also Tue afternoon, late (just now) - I responded to her message, apologizing for my tardiness and explaining that the UW message center hiccups like that occasionally.

I hate it -- really, really hate it -- when Upwork wrong-foots me like that. 

Hi Phyllis,


I was able to locate the message room you're referring to and I'm going to take all this information to the team for investigation. Thanks for describing what happened in detail. I'll get back to you once I know more.


I'm sorry this happened to you again and I really hope we can figure it out this time. 


~ Valeria

Thanks, Valeria. I will keep my fingers crossed!


I had a similar probelm today. I could see that the  client messaged me at 11:06 pm IST however I was here on Upwork and checking messages but i just got this one now. Also I never received an email notification for the same. Is there a delay in messages reaching freelancers? 

Yeah, this thing again.

I remember reporting this months ago.

Not once but TWICE I sent a detailed outline of my project plan with a price tag and those two clients never got it.

Both times it was the first message I sent after they replied to my official proposal.

Strange stuff. Kinda limits doing business properly.

On the bright side, I haven't noticed any issues for the past couple of months...

Strange bug.

Just to update on this- I guess All is well now! There was some back and forth messaging I had with a couple of clients so looks like this is sorted.



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