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New Upwork Scam Reveal?

I just got sent an invitation from a client who needs their social media ads done. Sent a proposal and they messaged me back promptly. They asked me about things that I clearly mentioned in the proposal, but fine... maybe they just didn't read it. I gave them clear answers and they sent me a job offer for my hourly rate for 40 hrs p/week. I can start working immediately


No call, just sent the offer.


Unlike previous scammers, they haven't asked me to download a file or anything like that. And everything looks legit. It's one of those "too good to be true" moments that it feels like a scam.


If I accept the job offer, and they end up trying to scam or leave a bad review, what can I do to combat it?

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It is free works. Scamer registered fake payment, you will do works with tracking, then Upwork will reject you with protection or will ban you for fraud. Just ignore.

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Please read the Hourly Payment Protection in the Terms of Service.  If in case the Client's payment method does not push through, the Hours that you have logged for this contract will be revieiwed by Upwork and will cover the payment if the hours that you have logged shows that you were working on the things needed on the contract.

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They also wrote to me today, and I am 99% sure that these are scammers because last time I also encountered them, I am still trying to solve the problems they created for me (be careful and ask a lot of clarifying questions before starting to do

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