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New Zealand Bank Account

Hi there, I've tried to set up my ANZ Bank account, with no success. I had a look at another forum, but nothing there worked for me. I can insert the 12 digits in so many ways and the system keeps the message:  "Invalid Account number. A twelve-digit number consisting of an eight-digit account number and a four-digit suffix. Use leading zeros if the account number is less than eight digits or suffix is less than four digits. For example, if the account number is 12345 and the suffix is 789, the entire 12-digit account number should be 000123450789.." Can someone from support help? Thanks!

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Oh sorry. I have no idea, myself. I hope someone with an idea comments here so we can all learn.


Hi Debby,


I am sorry to hear about the trouble while adding the bank account details. Could you please check if any of the suggestions noted on this thread resolve the issue faced by you? Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


- Pradeep 

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