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Not Getting Job or Job Invitations

Hi everyone,


I started freelancing career on Upwork at the end of May 2019. At the beginning of my career, this platform proved to be very successful as I was easily winning jobs and getting job invitations on a daily basis from new clients. I completed almost 13 jobs with 5-star rating feedback and a 100% JSS which helped to retain the trust of the potential clients on me. Recently, due to a bad decision of mine, I'm not winning any new job and not getting even a single job interview invitation.

Actually a few weeks ago, I accepted a $5 offer which the client needed urgently (within 15 minutes) but the task was a bit lengthy and it couldn't be completed in short span of time. I tried to explain this to the client but he immediately canceled my contract instead of listening to me and extending the deadline. He also submitted negative private feedback for me to Upwork due to which my JSS has now significantly decreased to 82%. Due to my poor JSS, I'm neither winning any new job nor getting any invitation for a job interview like earlier. 

I'm very depressed due to this situation and started thinking that most of the clients prefer freelancers having 90% above JSS or top rated as such talent is easily available on Upwork and there are many top-rated freelancers. I also assume that my freelancing career has almost come to an end due to just one negative feedback.

Any tips to enhance my present JSS from 82% back to 100% will be appreciated and how to get any job with such poor JSS?


Kind regards,

Arslan Anjum

Community Member

There are couple of testimonials on this forum from freelancers who managed to get back from a very low JSS.

Search and check those out, will lift your spirit up (and you'll learn from their experience).

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