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Payment isuue

I have completed a contract on an hourly basis. It took almost 5 hours but after ending the contract I just receive 8$. Also, on my profile, it shows only 10$ earning but my rate is 10$/hour. can you please guide me on that

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Retired Team Member

Hi Wasif,

I just checked your account and I can see that only a bonus payment is pending on your profie.
Have you tracked your time with our desktop app?
When you`re working on hourly contracts you will need to track your time with our desktop app. On Monday your client will be billed for the time tracked in the previous week. Thank you.

~ Goran

Yes I have tracked my time on the desktop app and it will show me 5 hours.
can you clearify me the procedure of hourly payment. I am a newbie and this
is my first hourly contract so literally I am confused.

Hi Wasif,

I can see that you have tracked your time this week and have also added manual time. When you`re working on hourly contracts, your clients are billed every Monday for the time tracked in the previous week.
To learn more about how you`re getting paid on hourly contracts, check out this Help Article. Also, please keep in mind that manual time is not protected under our Upwork Hourly Protection. Thank you.

~ Goran
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