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Proposal sent “icon”

I've been noticing that when I submit a proposal for a job/project, a small "icon" saying "proposal submitted" (or something to the effect), usually shows up in the "find work" area (where you can scroll through listings).


However, I am noticing that this feature is inconsistent, and comes and goes randomly.


Is Upwork planning to keep/eliminate this?  Why does this show up and disappear?  This is a very useful feature and it would be great if it had some consistency!

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I will also add that this feature is extremely effective in identifying scam postings.  This is the main reason I am inquiring about it.


Every so often I encounter clients attempting to scam freelancers or to obtain free work.  Obviously, I try my best to report these posts.  However, these same (or eerily similar) posts will show up again with only a few words altered - I instantly recognize these as similar to the post I had flagged, but that "proposal submitted" icon tells me which one is the original and which was the duplicate with different names (assuming the first has not been removed).



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Community Manager

Hi Jeremiah,


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. Could you please share a screenshot from your end so that we can better assist you? If possible you can also record experience from your end. That would help our team very much. 


~ Nikola

Let me see what I can do.  I don't think the recording part will be possible - when this icon is present and disappears, it varies from day to day rather than moment to moment.


The next time I am in the "find work" section I will try to get a screen grab.  Thank you!

Here are two screenshots to just give an example - I may not have applied for the jobs in the first attachment, but there are a couple that I have applied to that do not show the little "applied" icon.


proposal 1.JPG

proposal 2.JPG


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