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Revisions on a paid Test Task



I had a PAID TEST task with a client. We had a contract with a fixed price. I did all the 3 test tasks but he/she wants some revisions.


I told him/her that we should make another contract for revisions since a test task is like a Do or Die game for me to get hired. He/She said that I should just resend my works. I did but now he/she said that I can just edit the test tasks and send them via Upwork messages.

Should I push through talking to him/her or should I report it to Upwork?




PS. He/she always replies on mondays. I think it is to avoid the 14-day rule of Upwork to release funds without a reply from the client?

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It sounds like a tactic to get work done in the name of a "test project" at a low fixed cost! 


If it is a minor edit they are asking for, I think you should do it, get paid, and get a 5-star rating and positive feedback! You are just a few hundred dollars short of 1K and becoming Top Rated! 





Hi Ashraf.


I took your advice. However, the client is not yet satisfied and wants me to fix and enhance my task. He/she even sent me a work of another participant for reference and to compare.


Should I still do the revision? 

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If it is a fixed price contract, then usually the client can ask for revisions. It sounds like a miscommunication at the start. I would agree with you that a "test" implies that they want to see your work 'as is' without revisions. However, the client may have believed that they could request revisions in order to get a final product they would want to use since they were paying for it. (Although this doesn't make sense to me as then it wouldn't be a test.)


I think where you are at now is: 
1. End the contract, keep your work

2. Insist on payment of the milestone and dispute if they balk
3. Do the revisions and hope that they won't come up with another reason not to pay


In any of these cases, the client will be permitted to leave private feedback that will affect your JSS. 


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Hi Tonya. I just revised the file I have sent and the client said it is approved althought she still see some flaws haha. But good thing she said she won't bother me anymore about that and approved the milestone.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Upwork e yanıt vermelisin


Every client on Upwork should understand that HOURLY is the DEFAULT contract model and that fixed-price contracts are a PRIVILEGE.


Clients should know that many top freelancers will NOT work on fixed-price contracts at all.

Clients should be afraid of asking for ANYTHING outside the scope of the original task agreement, no matter how small.


Why should clients be AFRAID?

Because good freelancers are hard to find. And when a client has a freelancer whose work they like, they don't want to lose that freelancer's good favor.


A freelancer who is asked to make changes or do something outside the scope of the milestone might just decide to not bother with the client any more, because she has other clients waiting to actually pay her for her time. Upwork freelancers know that asking for free work is a violation of ToS. What if a client asked for a change or a new out-of-scope feature, and the freelancer decided to simply CLOSE THE CONTRACT immediately land block the client? The client would not be able to do anything about it.

To be clear: I am not advocating for ANY freelancer to be rude or unprofessional.

But asking for free work is tantamount to stealing money from a freelancer. I can definitely imagine a good freelancer immediately blocking a client who does that.

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re: "Revisions on a paid Test Task"


Um... That's a hard "no."

There is no such thing as "revisions on a paid test task."

That's ridiculous.

You may need to work on your fixed-price techniques.

You need to be including language in your fixed-price task descriptions that state that the task includes no revisions.

And you need to improve your ability to community the following concept to clients:

"The task is done when I say it is done."


Don't waste time with these people.


If a client asks you for revisions, the client is asking for free work.

That is a violation of Upwork ToS.


If a client did that to me, I would stop working immediately and let the client know that he needs to release all money in escrow immediately, and end the contract, and then set up a new hourly contract to pay for any further work.

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