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Should I bother applying if Hires > 0?

Hello freelancers,


Does Upwork hide a job listing once the employer found their freelancer?


The reason I ask is because sometimes I see that the 'hires' count (at the bottom of a job listing) is no longer zero.  Am I foolish to apply anyway?  


Thanks for the advice. 

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I'm not sure about a general policy, but I have been hired on a job where I missed the invitation to apply by three days and the position was already filled. I sent in a short but informative proposal and got the job. So while I usually will skip applying if it seems they've hired their quota (although remember, sometimes clients are looking for multiple freelancers too), it probably doesn't hurt if the right job comes along and you think you are an impressive candidate.

Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback.  I guess the part that confused me was that certain listings use language that makes it seem that they are seeking one freelancer, but then the listing remains open when they've hired one.

To me it would make sense if the listing would disappear from the search if the employer has hired someone.  I was hoping the site worked that way.  Otherwise I am wasting my time and connects.

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No, in my experience do not bother. Once there is a hire it is already too late, even if they say they need more than one freelancers.

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