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Still this message appear on my dashboard (Do not apply 220913071663055356432 (JAP) )

Hi, Please help me in this regard. I have not been receiving any job messages for a long time. I am a top-rated freelancer on Upwork. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please find attached image.





Hi Ahmad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. The job posts shown on the screenshot you shared are part of release testing by Upwork QA.  As mentioned in the description, they are deleted in the next hour and freelancers are instructed to not apply. 


I can assure you that this has nothing to do with you not receiving job invites. I understand that you are not getting any invites or offers but please know that we are not privy to how clients choose the freelancers they're sending invites to.


You may update your skills and consider upskilling and learning new skills to increase your marketability. Competition is getting tough not only in Upwork but also on other platforms, especially since most people nowadays opt to work remotely. One possible reason might be also the fewer demands for jobs that fall under your selected skill set. You can also revisit the skills you have selected in your profile, only if applicable.
We also highly encourage you to continue to work to become a  Top Rated Plus Freelancer once you get more work history. Having this badge in your profile will increase your invite and hire rate.


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~ AJ

Hi Annie Jane B, Yes, but continuously appeared on my dashboard and I get 2 or 3 jobs appearing on my dashboard. And last 4 months I didn't get any job. Please advise me.


Best Regards,

Zafar Ahmad

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I bet when upwork removes it an hour later, it has 50+ proposals. 

Hi Martina P, I hope you are doing good. Yes but after an hour more new testing jobs appeared on my dashboard.

Upwork is doing tests. Just ignore them. 

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