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Submitting Proposals to Jobs Already Interviewing

Submitting Proposals to Jobs Already Interviewing, i applied for a job 3 seconds after it was advertised and it had already started invite sent and interviewing someone.


why doesnt it just get removed from the available jobs to apply for?


its so annoying especially if its a job you really want to do.

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First of all, just because invitations have been sent or interviews are being conducted doesn't mean the job is actually filled. If the job is still available, why would they remove it?


Something important to be aware of: Although some clients do interview and hire quickly, scammers eager to rip off freelancers will frequently respond within minutes of a freelancer applying. First check the client's hiring history. Have they actually hired or paid anyone? (That in itself isn't necessarily a sign they're not legitimate, but be wary if they haven't.) Also, check their local time against their stated location. For example, if they claim to be in the US and their local time is way ahead of US time, they are likely scammers. Finally, have they sent out a large number of invitations? It's usually not necessary to invite 25 people to a single job.


All things considered, you might have dodged a bullet by not applying. And please remember, no matter what a client tells you, you are not allowed to interview or agree to be paid off platform. Either is a strong indication of a scam.

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