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Suspected Job offer



I was offered with job, client wrote separately on what's up: 


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do you had something similar? Is that a real proposal or do I have deal with fake job offer? Your replays will help me a lot. 

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It's a scam. Never take jobs where the client requires payment from you. 

Many thanks my friend 

I have a similar situation. They want me to pay $300 for a library card before they send the project. Is this normal? I was asked to contact them via Telegram first...then I'm being pressed to send the money quickly. I'm feeling very unsure. 

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It's a scam.


The whole site is filled with scams right now so read this and stay cautious.

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It's (obviously!!!) a scam.


If you stop violating Upwork's terms of service by communicating with prospective "clients" outside the platform, you not only avoid virtually all the scams, you will also avoid having your Upwork account suspended for violating the terms of service.


Never communicate other than on Upwork until you are hired with a proper Upwork contract in place. It's strictly forbidden.

Thank you, I did not know this. So if the offer is legit then they would use my message box to contact me? Not another app like Telegram?

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How can it not be a scam?

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Thanks to everyone, as I'm a new one here, an easy target for scammers so your replays helped me a lot

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Professional Scammer looking for loyalty

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