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Temporary Account hold



My friend's account is on temporary hold because of ID verfication. He has a new contract that will be started within 3 hours. My question is: Can he still start the contract and talk to client?


The problems with the account is, he does not have government issued ID until he is 18 that will be on 22 Oct, 2019, so within 1 month he will have it. Neither he has a passport because he never traveled abroad. 

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Hi Muhammad,


I will reach out to you via PM with more details, thank you.

~ Goran

Okay, thanks a lot.

I am waiting.

Muhammad N wrote:
Okay, thanks a lot.

If he is not yet 18 that means he is not allowed to work on Upwork at all and all the time he has worked on Upwork he should not have done.


His account will stay suspended for the policy violation. He may or may not get it back when he is 18

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