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re: "I worked with a client on Upwork for a few years, and then eventually we moved off Upwork to avoid fees. That worked for several months, but then on this last project, he has refused to pay me."


I don't doubt that you feel disappointed right now.

Your feelings are valid.


But this has nothing to do with Upwork.


So not only is it not accurate to say that you "need" to report this client... You can NOT report this client.


In a situation like this, Upwork is not going to take action against a client in any way. This is not an Upwork contract.



Incorrect. Freelancers can work with clients outside the platform after a two-year period or pay $1000. The OP did not violate the Terms. Please go through the Academy and look up answers if you are going to offer Upwork advice.

Incorrect. Read. And there is nothing "off" about it. Freelancers do this all the time, hence the Upwork method for handling the situation.



 I have never had contact with the OP. There is nothing personal about it. If you have read my posts, you know I have no fondness for those who make pronouncements without providing the correct information. You could have provided a correct response, but you didn't bother to read the rules.


It is harmful to new and inexperienced freelancers to have the wrong information. People don't know who to believe in the forums. If you want to help, that's great. But please learn first. We all make mistakes, but you didn't take this as a mistake and defended it, telling the OP it was a Terms violation. That is serious stuff.



Deflection doesn't work well on me. How about we return to the issue at hand, giving advice when the advice is wrong. You can offer excellent help, too, if you learn the rules.

Thanks, Mykola, the link was supposed to be in my post. Do things in haste...

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Kerilee, dont waste your time. With same result you can report anyone, for example Trump if he registered here. This client didn't broke ToS so no reason to ban him.

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Kerilee, you will have to leave Upwork out of this, as your problem is now away from the site. However, there are things you can do, depending on what the job is. But if you have been writing for the client, and he hasn't paid you then you own the work outright. If the writing is to be published online then you can ask Google for a takedown - a DMCA.  And you can tell your client this is what you intend to do. 


Editing is a bit more difficult and you will probably have to bite the bullet and move on, but you can warn him that you will be warning other editors against working with him - whether on or off Upwork -  but be careful of doing this as it can backfire. 


The important thing is writing.  Anything you write (your original work) is your property, unless you sell it and have been paid for it.  

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Hi Kerilee,


Sorry to hear about your experience, however there is nothing to report since this isn't an Upwork issue, but instead, an issue between you and your client. Chalk it up to business experience and move on. Thanks!

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