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Up work is very unrewarding for new freelancers

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Lesli W Member Since: Dec 21, 2016
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Hi Gemma! I have felt the same way at times, particularly when I was first starting out. Now when I bid on jobs, I wait a few days and if I don't hear back I simply re-visit the job post and can see if a hire was made. If the client made a hire, I will withdraw my proposal and move on. This keeps my "active proposals" section cleaned up so I know what's still floating around out there and what's off the table, so to speak. 


I do agree with others - you can't take it personally. Is it annoying? Yes. But it's really no different than applying for a job and never hearing back. It's just the way it is.

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Melike E Member Since: Dec 14, 2020
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Hi Gemma, 
I totally understand your point. But I do think upwork is also quite rewarding for new freelancers as I am also a new freelancer. I had registered to upwork before but started to work here actively 5 months ago. Even though I started with zero feedback as everyone else and struggled at the beginning, I tried my best during this time and I got a top-rated plus badge in 5 months. And those badges are based on 12-month earnings instead of overall earning which makes it easier for new and hardworking freelancers to get recognition. Yes, it is sometimes frustrating that most of the clients do not respond to the proposals, it is not a problem only for the new starters, but for the majority of the freelancers. Not all job posts result in hiring. But I'd advise you to just forget about them as Petra said, and keep checking new job posts. When I don't get as many responses as I expected, then I send more proposals and pay attention to the client's hiring percentage. Every day I am seeking new ways to improve my portfolio, my proposals, my skills, my communication techniques with clients.  So it is important to motivate yourself and continue working hard. Hope these help a bit.

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Melike E Member Since: Dec 14, 2020
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And just wanted to add one more thing as you mentioned you had an interview and heard nothing after that.
Once, I had an interview with a client, a small company. There were 3 partners in the interview and they were so enthusiastic about their company and collaborating with me, so was I. We had the second interview. Then they sent a contract and I accepted. But they said they would not be available for one week so we would be able to start working after that. They even set up a Whatsapp group for me and them (as we already had a contract). After one week they said they were terribly sorry and needed one more week. Time passed by like that and we just could not start working for 2 months! And at the end of those 2 months, they closed the contract and left the group without even sending a message to me explaining what happened. When I checked their job post, I saw they started a new contract with another freelancer who had a lower hourly rate. But I was not frustrated that much as I did not rely on them and was lucky to start working with other clients. So these things happen, you are not alone Smiley Happy