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Upwork Zoom problem

I hae an Upwork Zoom meeting scheduled for Monday, but the client also wants me to send him an invitation.  Is that possible with Upwork's Zoom?  If not, how do I set the exact day and time for the meeting that gets automatically sent to his message box, and he also gets a reminder prior to the meeting.


I can't figure it out.  Thanks! 

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Hello, mods?  If you don't know the answer, just say so. 

Hi Lisa,


I'm sorry if your post was left unanswered but let me assist you now. When you have added a calendar or skipped doing so, the “Select your availability” window should be open. You select the timezone for the meeting, as well as the days and times you are available. Note that if a time is booked in your calendar, even if you marked it as available while creating the meeting invitation, it will show as unavailable to other users.
After you send a meeting invite, the client can then click on the automatically generated “Select date and time” link, which opens the “Select date and time” window. Your invitees will see your availability in their local time zone. Linking a calendar is optional for meeting invitation respondents. They can simply select a day from the calendar to gain access to available time slots. 
Here's a helpful link for your reference.

~ AJ
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