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What determines which 5 contracts are in the drop down when clicking in menu bar?

I have been meaning to ask this for a long time! When i click on the Upwork icon in my Mac menu bar, there are always 5 contracts accesssible to be selected for time tracking there, without opening the time tracker window itself. They have been the same 5 contracts for a long time; they don't default to most recent, or most used.


Does anyone know if i can change these somehow? You can see in the image below, the 5 i always see. These 5 are all long-term clients, so ending any of these is not the answer. I would like to have these be most recent are any other sorting that made sense.  Any ideas or insight? 



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Hi Ben,


I shared your post and feedback with the team and they're going to work on a fix that would have the most recent contracts show first in that menu. I don't have an estimated time for when it'll be released, unfortunately. 


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. 

~ Valeria

Thank you so much, that is great! I appreciate it!

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