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What is active proposal means?

Hello, I am a newbie in Upwork and I have received an email saying "Hi Charmaine Joy,
Great job with your proposal for (1 day job) Instagram 'like' and comment on relevant people's posts — you got interviewed!". But I checked my Invitations to Interview, it is zero and there is 1 in Active proposal. What should I do with this? Thank you!


Hi Charmaine,


Thank you for your message. You have received that email notification to inform you about the free Connects credited to your Upwork for winning an interview on one of your submitted proposals. When a client responds to your submitted proposals to interview you or with more clarification on your cover letter, they are shown under 'Active proposal' on your My Proposals page.


Thank you


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Hi Pradeep,


I'm also new here. I would also like to ask regarding the active proposals. I received an email and replied back to the client. However, I got a reply from Upwork stating that they do not recognize my email. But it's the same email in my contact info.  
I checked my messages in the Upwork app and the room does not exist. What does this mean?

Hi Leah,

I checked the job you are referring to and it looks like it's already been canceled for violating Upwork TOS. As you've noticed, the Message room with the client has also been archived. Please, check out the tips in this post to make sure you stay safe and protected while working on Upwork.

Also, please check this help article for more information on how to use the flag option to report any inappropriate content.

~ AJ
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