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Why am I being charged $81 as a freelancer?

I went to look at my previous payments, invoices, etc. through Upwork and found out that I'm being charged $81. I would like to know why. I used my FREE points/credits to apply for jobs and mostly have been accepting jobs that were offered to me (so no points/credits were lost). As a freelancer, I should not be charged anything. I have tried to contact Upwork and their "Get Support" tab is a joke. Any ideas or recommendations?

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In the transaction history you have a breakdown of all transactions with descriptions. What do you see there?

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That I owe $81 to one of my clients. I should not owe anything. I don't even remember having a contract with this client. 



The client might have changed his username. But he can't just initiate a refund without interacting with you. What happened?

I don't know what happened to be honest. I haven't done a lot of work for
Upwork clients until last week. So now the money that I'm currently making
is being used to pay that $81. How do I go about getting this resolved? I
even tried contacting Better Business Bureau, but they can't help because
it's an employee (me as a freelancer) vs. employer situation (ie. Upwork
and the client).

You are not an employee, and Upwork is not an employer. This distinction is critical.

Yes, yes -- she knows, Im sure - that she is a contractor.
The question is "why is a client charging her $81 for a seemingly mysterious client --


Mark K wrote:

Yes, yes -- she knows, Im sure - that she is a contractor.

Apparently she does not, since she erroneously told the BBB she was an employee.

So how do I get this resolved?

If you want help from Upwork, contact Support (the green button at the bottom right-hand side of the page). You will get a bot, but keep asking for an agent. Alternatively, you can click on the three dots at the upper right-hand corner of your post. A drop-down menu will show you options. At the bottom is "notify moderator". Try the Support option first.


Without you reporting what you see in transactions, I can't tell what is going on.

Do you know what job it was for? Or the date it appeared on your account that would indicate what job it was?

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You're  not an employee. You're a customer who pays Upwork for its services. 


It sounds like one of your clients did a chargeback. Does $81 mean anything to you? Does that figure match up with a small job you did, or a milestone? 


ETA: You contacted the Better Business Bureau before reaching out to Upwork support? 

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